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Exhibition from overseas in Japan

We will support overseas companies' exhibitions to grab business opportunities in Japan.

Your company will be able to choose many choices of booth design, construction of web, arrangement of equipment rental, arrangement of staff.

Our Works

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Our Service

We are handling all from concept work to booth construction

・Exhibition, event booth planning, design, production, setting

・Exhibition support from overseas to Japan

・Diagnosis of exhibition booth, Second opinion service

・Exhibition support to overseas exhibition support

・Planning and production of catalogs, pamphlets, images and construction of website.


From order flow to delivery


Our 2 characteristics

1. Booth creation that exhibits are successful

2. Maintain production quality · Construction quality continue

1 【Creating Booth Succeeding Exhibition】


· What is the attention of visitors at that time?

· Have you decided the theme of booth creation?

· What is your target with any concern?

· What is your company's appeal point?

· How do you appeal differences with other companies?

· what are you are doing at a glance at booth?

· Has the environment been easy to consult?

· Have you become a booth to stop by?

· Is there a short keyword that has impact?

· Is it a space corresponding to each psychological phase of visitors?

· Does image building will match the theme as a whole?

In order to create "a booth that leads to success", we must clarify these key points.

And it is necessary to go from concept design to design planning.

2 【Maintain production quality and Construction quality】


There are three important point.

· Physical quality

Maintain aesthetic looks from product to interior finish.

· Humanity qualities

Management ability from project launch to completion.

· Time management quality

Schedule management and construction completed

Contact us

For considering exhibiting, please contact us by e-mail with the following contents.

Hearing contents of exhibition booth design 

1.Booth position, size

2 Decoration regulation

3 Exhibits, service contents

4 If there is a suggestion such as how to show

5 Presence or demonstration Yes or No

6 Presence or absence of large monitor appeal

7 Reception corner

8 Business talk corner

9 Company name logo, brand logo

10 If you have anything else to bring in, etc.·

Please feel free to contact me if any question.

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