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For foreign company


As event produce and exhibition display specialists, Twopeace & Architect is dedicated to providing superior project management and service to clientssuccess of exhibition.

The management team of our company has dedicated their professional careers in the exhibition industry.

We hope Twopeaceitect will be able to support satisfaction of your company.

Please refer to an attached pictures as an our case study.


Our service

  • Design and space planning of exhibition booth
  • Planning of showroom
  • Design and construction of store
  • Design and selling of an original article furniture
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  • Rental of audio and picture equipment
  • Arrangement of temp staff for exhibition
  • Produce of novelties

Our company is located in Tokyo

The location is really convenient to access to exhibition halls. Therefo, We can follow up our client projects during the construction.

Even though,your company is thinking about participation of exhibition as an exhibitor in Osaka, we will be able to manage your company project.Also, our company has strong connection with contractor and business partner in Osaka, Japan.

Please do not hesitate to contact us. We will gladly answer any questions you have about your project.


Select service

In addition to the offer to Twopeace & Architect Inc, our service can be selected the competition form which we manage.

It is possible to select better proposals and estimates from two or more companies. If you set up the budget, you do not have to consider further more. We are sure that you will satisfy.

Please pay in advance.

We propose not only hardware side but marketing contents such as exhibition interview, animation, website etc. They are useful to attract customers.