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重要なお知らせ : 事業譲渡のご挨拶

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In order to conduct effectively the sales promotion which entwined exhibition, your action is very important during three days of exhibition and other days in the year. For the exhibition for three days, we provide the design based on all viewpoints, and contribute you to attract a lot of customers. We will manufacture without any mistake, by the due date, valuing communication between persons in charge. Moreover, we conduct coverage and photography on the morning of the date first day, and start an internet delivery after edit on the same day. We can help you by the consistent system of our company original to work of the web site connected with marketing which the information and guidance at the site which specialized in the exhibition and after that continued. First of all, please choose required contents from the menu of Select service, and if you have any question, do not hesitate to ask us.